STEDA SR-909 Metal - full diy kit

Analog drum machine with 11 drum sounds and 16-step sequencer. Brushed stainless case






The SR-909 project is the most accurate copy of well known classic analog drum machine from 80's. The project is available only as a DIY kit and it gives you the opportunity to get that very lovely sound at the best price on the market. In addition to the best price, this project has excellent quality components.


  • 96 PATERNS
  • 8 SONGS

Full kit contains all parts for assembling SR-909.

Full DIY kit include:

  • Main board
  • Sequencer board
  • Output board
  • Midi/Sync board
  • Power supply board
  • DAC boards 
  • Cherry switches
  • Cherry switches caps
  • CTRL Switches 
  • CTRL Switches caps
  • 7 Segments displays
  • All Potentiometers
  • All ICs
  • All Transistors 
  • Power Transformer 
  • All connectors
  • Brushed Stainless Case
  • All resistors 
  • CPU
  • All Capacitors 
  • Internal Power Supply(Not assembled)

Full DIY kit not include:

  • Power cable
  • Lithium battery (CR2032)

SR-909 BOM

Build manual will be provided.

This kit could be use for DIY build 909 drum machine or for repair original 909.