OMG Instruments BlueARP DM

Desktop 8-channel advanced pattern arpeggiator



BlueARP DM (Desktop Module) is an advanced 8-channel MIDI pattern arpeggiator, able to run up to 8 independent arpeggiators, or instances, in parallel. It shares core logic with the freeware BlueARP plugin, which had been around since 2012 and gained some popularity in the music community. The banks/presets are interchangeable between the plugin and the hardware unit.

BlueARP DM was designed for the DAW-less musicians with hardware synth/modular setups, who need more control of their performances in real-time. Just like in the plugin, you can pre-program arpeggiator patterns, stack them together into chains, and finally switch chains during the performance, while controlling the harmony of your tracks from the MIDI keyboard.

BlueARP DM delivers some additional functionality over its plugin counterpart:

  • Meta-Chains feature co switch patterns on all eight instances at once;
  • Automation – assign eternal CC\RPN\NRPN to change internal parameters or trans-code it and send to any output port to control hardware synths;
  • CV\Gate outputs to control modular synths;
  • Analog input to receive clock pulse from the modular;
  • MIDI input and output monitoring on all ports (notes, CC, RPN, and NRPN messages);
  • External MIDI clock stability measurement (clock drift indicator);

Ports and connectivity:

  • DIN5: 2 midi inputs and 4 midi outputs;
  • USB A port accepting USB-MIDI controllers;
  • USB B port with USB-MIDI support for PC/Mac connection;
  • 4 analog outputs acting as CV or gate;
  • 1 analog input to accept pulse clock from the modular;
  • SD Card to store and recall presets;

Editor application for PC and Mac looks just like the plugin and performs bi-directional real-time synchronization with the unit via USB-MIDI. Once you change anything in the app, it is immediately changed on the unit and vice versa. You can edit your patterns using a convenient software interface and then detach the unit from the computer and go DAW-less.

The shipment package includes:

  • BlueARP DM unit;
  • USB A-to-B power/sync cable (power adapter not included);
  • SD Card for saving and recalling projects/banks/programs;
  • 35mm male to 3.5mm female jack converters, 5 pieces (to use CV/Gate outputs with eurorack);
  • Operation Manual;
Since it is hand-built in small batches and supply is limited, is it sold via pre-orders and waiting list.

(*) When BlueARP DM is powered from the PC, it reports itself as a generic USB-MIDI device with 500 mA current consumption. It is safe to connect USB devices to BlueARP which will draw up to 200 mA current, otherwise, it is better to power BlueARP from a wall adapter.

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