Garash G.Ten pre-order 2020

Garash G.TEN pre-order 2020

We are happy to announce!
Garash G.TEN - ten band graphic equalizer in 500 series format. Second batch!

G.TEN - great sounding and easy to set eq with all important music frequency points.
It’s great for shaping drums, guitars or any other sources where you need great sound and fast setup. 
See what curve you get!
Eq principle is based on ic gyrator filter which mimic inductor. Eq is proportional-Q (wider Q on low boost/cut and narrower Q on high boost/cut). Such eq principle became especially popular from the mid of 70s when the famous console module was invented by Al Davis.

G.TEN will be available as diy (do it yourself) kit.
The first batch of 20 copies was successfully sold. Now your wishes are taken into account and we are preparing for the second batch of 30. Now, the kit contains all the necessary components (except the output transformer). The option with a transformer will probably be available in stock kits. We are testing a transformer of our own design.

G.TEN kits will be ready to ship by mid/end Junuary.
And now we have prepared a pre-order for 10 copies at a special price.




Weight in grams 600

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