Garash G.TEN

G.TEN 500 series format ten-band graphic equalizer.
Fully assembled and factory tested module.


G.TEN is a 500 series format ten-band graphic equalizer. It’s a great sounding and easy to set EQ with all the important musical frequency points.
 It’s great for shaping drums, guitars or any other sources where you need a great sound and fast setup.
 The EQ is based on an IC gyrator filter which mimics an inductor. The G.TEN has proportional-Q (wider Q on low boost/cut and narrower Q on high boost/cut). This style of EQ became popular in the mid 70s when the famous console module was invented by Al Davis. G.TEN is input balanced and output balanced eq. Output on 2520 discreet operation amplifier (DOA) that boost output transformer. G.TEN has true relay bypass with a led status indicator.


  • Standard 500 series VPR module size
  • 10-band graphic eq - proportional
  • Q band curves 
  • -12/+12dB of boost/cut (with 3dB gain change mark lines) 
  • center detent slide potentiometers 
  • 2520bc DOA output buffer 
  • high quality electronic components 
  • custom manufactured output transformer 
  • excellent for tracking

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